Animal Welfare Awareness for Schools

This Professional Industry Project subject is to design and present teaching materials to be used to deliver an Animal Awareness lesson for Keystage 1 primary schoolchildren


One response to “Animal Welfare Awareness for Schools

  1. Hi – my name is Jim Rudman
    Welcome to my Professional Industry Project Blog

    I shall be using this blog to form the critical analysis element for my project.
    My professional industry project subject is Animal welfare awareness for schools.

    The project sets out to deliver teaching aids to be used to introduce key stage 1 primary school children to the basic principles of animal welfare, based on the ‘Five Needs of Animal Welfare’.

    The background to this idea came from a discussion I had with my son-in-law, who is the deputy principal of a primary school in Leicestershire.

    From this discussion it became apparent that this subject area does not appear as part of the national curriculum for primary schools. It was felt that there could be scope to incorporate an animal welfare awareness lesson into the Personal, Social, Health and Economic (P.S.H.E.) lessons.

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